Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon
Universe F-Zero
Status Veteran
Availability Starter
Previous Appearances 64, Melee, Brawl

Captain Falcon appears as a starter character in Super Smash Bros Royale. His trademark blend of speed and power make him a formidable opponent.

Changes From Brawl to RoyaleEdit


  • Aerial Raptor Boost's meteor smash is more powerful.
  • Knee Smash has a much larger and longer-lasting hitbox, and sourspot does more damage.
  • Aerial Falcon Kick restores his midair jump.
  • Forward smash is more powerful and deals more damage.
  • Back aerial deals more damage.


  • Down smash is slightly slower.
  • Jab infinite is removed.
  • Sweetspotted Knee Smash deals less damage.
  • Down aerial is now a one-footed stomp. While it has faster start-up and less ending and landing lag, the hitbox is smaller and less powerful.


Falcon Punch has been completely reworked. The move is now split into 3 hitboxes: The hand and wrist KOs at around 20%, the arm has slightly lower knockback to Smash 4's Falcon Punch, and the falcon itself causes light knockback and hitstun. All hitboxes provide a burn effect.


Normal attacksEdit

  • Neutral attack: Punches twice, then knees the opponent. 9%.
  • Dash attack: Charges forward, ramming his shoulder into the opponent. 9%-12%.             
  • Forward tilt: A roundhouse kick. Can be angled. 7%-10%.
  • Up tilt: An axe kick. 10%-13%.
  • Down tilt: A sweeping kick. 10%.

Smash attacksEdit

  • Forward smash: Rears back and thrusts an elbow forward. Can be angled. 20%-23%.
  • Up smash: Kicks high in the air twice. Good running smash. 20%-24% if both hits connect.
  • Down smash: A kick forwards, then backwards. 16% in front, 18% in back.

Aerial attacksEdit

  • Neutral aerial: Kicks twice in front of him. First kick does 4%, second does 6%.
  • Forward aerial: Thrusts his knee forward. A powerful finisher and combo ender. Sourspot does 5%, sweetspot does 17%.
  • Back aerial: A backhand. 8%-11%.
  • Up aerial: A kick flip. 12%.
  • Down aerial: A one-footed stomp. 15%.

Other attacksEdit

  • Grab: Captain Falcon's grab range is very bad, having the 5th shortest standing grab in the game, and his dash and pivot grab have a lot of start up, despite Falcon's great mobility.
  • Pummel: Knees the enemy's midsection. 2%.
  • Forward throw: Punches the enemy, pushing them forward. 9%.
  • Back throw: Kicks the enemy behind him. 9%.
  • Up throw: Holds up the enemy and punches upwards with his left hand. 7%.
  • Down throw: Flips enemy and throws them into the ground. 7%.
  • Ledge attack: Flips over and brings his foot down. Only ledge attack stronger than its 100% version. 10%.
  • 100% ledge attack: Climbs up the ledge and does an uppercut. Does 8%.
  • Floor attack: Performs a headstand and spin kicks. 11%.
  • Trip attack: Gets up and hits forward and backward with his fist. 5%.

Special movesEdit

  • Neutral Special: Falcon Punch - A powerful fiery punch. Fist 31%, Arm 15%, Falcon 4%.
  • Side Special: Raptor Boost - Slides across the ground and does an uppercut. In the air, he jets through the air and does a downward punch, which is a powerful meteor smash. On the ground, it deals 12%. In the air, it does 10%.
  • Up Special: Falcon Dive - Jumps into the air, fist outstretched. Can grab opponents. 15%
  • Down Special: Falcon Kick - Bursts forward in a rush of fire with his leg outstretched. In the air, it travels diagonally downward. Restores Falcon's midair jump. On the ground, it deals 13%. In the air, it deals 15%.