Universe The Legend Of Zelda
Status Veteran
Availability Unlockable
Previous Appearances Melee, Brawl

Ganondorf appears as an unlockable character in Super Smash Brothers Royale. His immense power throughout his moveset allows him to turn the tide of the match at a moment's notice.

Changes from Brawl to RoyaleEdit


  • Walk and dash speed notably faster.
  • Almost all of his attacks have less starting, ending, and landing lag. The re-addition of L-cancelling helps as well.
  • Ganondorf now uses his sword, giving him much more reach. Most of his new sword attacks are less laggy.
  • Grab range increased tremendously.
  • Down aerial is much faster.
  • Back and forward throws have much higher knockback.


  • New dash attack is slower and less powerful.
  • Because he has a new down special, he can no longer perform the Flight Of Ganon.
  • Rolls and spot dodges are slower. Rolls go less distance as well.


  • Darkness effect is generally more prominent in his attacks.


Neutral attack: A quick palm strike. 9%.

Dash attack: Takes his sword and shoves it in front of him. Rather weak and very slow (frame 34.) 9%.

Forward tilt: An overhead strike with his sword. 12%.

Up tilt: Sticks his hand in the air, with electric sparks shooting out. Good combo potential. 5 hits of 2%.

Down tilt: Sweeps his foot over the ground. 7%.

Forward smash: Unleashes a powerful blast of dark magic out of his palm. 20%, 25% at the sweetspot at the edge of the hitbox.

Up smash: Thrusts his sword high in the air, with an aura of dark magic surrounding him. 19%.

Down smash: Spins on one foot twice, sword scraping the ground. 14% on first rotation, 12% on second. 

Neutral aerial: Shoots a pulse of dark electricity out of his body. 17%, lowers to 11% as the hitbox stays out.

Forward aerial: A powerful overhead swing of his sword. A semi-spike. 17%.

Back aerial: Spins and kicks behind him. 8%.

Up aerial: Does a backflip, foot outstretched. 10%

Down aerial: His trademark stomp. No longer has a sourspot. 23%.

Grab: Ganondorf's grab range is vastly improved, going from the worst to one of the best. Surprisingly fast for Ganondorf's weight.

Pummel: Sends a pulse of dark magic through his hand into the opponent's face. Rather slow, but very powerful. 5%.

Forward throw: Knocks the opponent forward with his sword. 14%.

Back throw: Takes opponent and slings them backwards. 12%.

Up throw: Uses dark magic to launch his opponent straight into the air. Powerful throw. 16%.

Down throw: Slams the opponent into the ground. Can chain-throw. 10%.

Ledge attack: Jumps in the air and swings his sword forward. 8%.

100% ledge attack: Rolls onto the stage and swings his sword over his head. 14%.

Floor attack: Gets up and does an axe kick. 12%.

Trip attack: Does his old down tilt from Brawl. 12%.

Special moves Edit

Neutral Special: Dead Man's Volley - Shoots a ball of lightning forward. Cancels out any projectile hitbox, but can be deflected by any non-projectile hitbox infinitely. Re-using the move will deflect the ball back. 10%. 

Side Special: Flame Choke - Rushes forward and grabs the opponent by the face, then slams them into the ground. In the air, it is a potent suicide KO move. 12%.

Up Special: Dead Man's Drift - Floats, gaining a lot of horizontal, but average vertical distance. Slow, but good recovery.

Down Special: Red Ice - Imprisons his opponent in red ice. Very slow, but an excellent set-up move, can be comboed into almost any of Ganondorf's moves.