Universe Kirby
Status Veteran
Availability Starter
Previous Appearances 64, Melee, Brawl

Kirby appears as a starter character in Super Smash Brothers Royale. His floaty fall speed, multiple jumps, and big hitboxes make him prime to knock opponents off and keep them there.

Changes from Brawl to Royale Edit

Buffs Edit

Air speed is faster.

Character hurtbox is smaller, and crouch is lower.

All jumps the same height as his Brawl 2nd midair jump.

Nerfs Edit

Dash speed lower.

Lighter weight makes him easier to KO.

Other Edit

Kirby's moveset has been almost entirely revamped in this iteration; Kirby now uses copy abilities from the Kirby games in his main moveset, such as Beam Kirby and Tornado Kirby.