Meta Knight
Universe Kirby
Status Veteran
Availability Starter
Previous Appearances Brawl

Meta Knight is a starter character that appears in Super Smash Bros Royale. He comes in from Brawl with a lot of nerfs, but gets a few new tricks this time around.

Changes from Brawl to RoyaleEdit


Mach Tornado travels faster over the ground.

Drill Rush is harder to SDI.

Forward smash is silghtly faster.

Slightly increased air speed.

Down tilt gives more ground movement per use, and is faster.

All midair jumps are higher.

Sword is longer, giving more range.


Up Special has been replaced with Dimensional Cape, an upwards teleport that can be angled diagonally, or straight up. This is still good recovery, but has less utility than his old Shuttle Loop. New down special is now the iconic Sword Stab.

Dash speed lowered.

The removal of gliding and general higher fall speed significantly lowered Meta Knight's recovery potential.

Mach Tornado's aerial distance has been shortened.

Meta Knight's aerials are very laggy, but L-cancelling helps alleviate this.

Up air is slower.

New down smash is changed. Now, instead of swinging the sword at both sides, he only swings at one.